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 1.  Create a profile 

1.1 To join Love by Name you will need to register and create a profile.  Registration is free.  The mandatory questions are highlighted by an asterisk*; these questions are necessary for our matching system to find compatible members.  All personal information, such as your full name, Date of Birth, and email address is confidential and is not disclosed to other members. 

 2.  New member welcome email and temporary password

2.1 Your welcome email will notify you of your temporary password.  You will be able to log in to your account and add more information about yourself.  Although this information is optional, we encourage you to do this as it gives other members more reason to want to get to know you.

2.2 We ask that you change your temporary password within 24 hours, or as soon as practicable.  For your security new passwords are not stored on our system.

3.  Bespoke matching system

3.1 Once you become a member of the Site,  we will run your details through our matching system, and together with your own personal preferences, such as Gender (Man seeking a woman etc)  and age range we will find you compatible matches.  You should be aware that we are unable to guarantee the number of matches or connections as this is dependant upon compatible members being selected through our system.

4.  Notification of compatible matches

4.1 Our matching system runs first thing in the morning.  You will be notified of compatible matches, connections, or connection requests direct to the email address your provided when you joined the site, (this is only if you opted to receive emails).  If you decided that you didn't want to receive emails then you will need to log in to your account and in 'Your membership details' in your main dashboard you will find, 'Other actions' your 'Matches & Connections'.

5.  Your credits/credit statement

5.1 It's free to view your matches and connections but if you want to connect to other members selected by our system you will need to purchase credits. The cost of the credits will depend upon the number of credits you purchase.  You will find the cost by using the drop-down menu in your dashboard, clicking 'Your credits.' We use PayPal which is a secure payment system.  The more credits you purchase, the cheaper each credit will cost.  The document title "How much does it cost?" is located on the website footer. 

6.  Matches & Connections

You will be able to view the matches and connections for free - just click the green "details button" and any optional details members may have given will be shown here.

6.1 Matches -  If you have sufficient credits. If you want to make a connection with the member then press "Make Connection (One Credit)" button.  One credit will be deducted from your balance.  If the other member declines your connection request, one credit will be returned to your account. If you decide that you don't want to connect with this member then press the close button.

6.2  Matches  - if you have insufficient credit to make a connection.  A message will notify you that you have insufficient credit to make a connection.  You will need to press the 'Close & Purchase Credit' button.  This will take you to your dashboard where you will be able to purchase credits through PayPal. Once your purchase has been successful you will need to click on the green "details button" where you can click "Make Connection (One Credit)" and one credit will be deducted from your account.  If the other member declines your connection request, one credit will be returned to your account. 

6.3 If you decide that you don't want to connect to the other member whether you have credits or not, then press the 'Close' button.

6.4 You can hide/show profiles from the mail list by clicking the red 'Hide' button to let you concentrate on new matches.

6.5 Requested connections - Members that have requested a connection will appear in your Matches & Connections, in your main dashboard.  If you click on the green "Details button" you will see the optional details the match may have given.  If you wish to connect to the member click  "Accept this Connection (One Credit)", or purchase credits.  For each connection, it will cost you one credit.  If you wish to decline the connection, click the red "Decline" button.

6.6 Time limit on taking action on your matches/connections - we put a time limit of 72 hours to either connect, accept or reject a connection.    

6.7 After 72 hours - If only one member has taken action (Connect or decline connection) then the opportunity to connect has been lost.

 7.  Accepted Connections - messaging through the Site

7.1  When both members have agreed to connect, you are free to start messaging through the Site. You will be able to create new  messages and view older messages.

8.  Reporting abuse 

8.1 When both members have accepted connections you are free to start messaging through the Site.  If you feel that a member has acted abusively you are advised to let us know. There is a "Report abuse by this member" button that will open up to allow you to email us with details of the abuse you have been experiencing.  We take abuse very seriously and we will investigate all allegations made by members.

9.  Change/edit your photo

You can change or edit your photo at any time.  We recommend that you use a recent colour photograph, preferably taken within the last 12 months.  Avoid group photos as it is difficult to work out who is who.

10.  Pause your public profile

10.1 You can pause your public profile at any time.  This may be a good idea if you are going on holiday or working away. By pausing your account you will no longer appear as a match for other members.  You can reactivate your account at any time by clicking on the "Resume your public profile".  Any unused credits will be banked and can be used in the future.  

10.2 If you request a connection but pause your account, your connection request is unlikely to be seen by your intended recipient.

11.  Contact Love by Name - Once you have joined the site and have created your free profile log in using your details and go to "Membership", "Contact Love by Name", you will be able to send us a message.  There is also a "Contact Love by Name" button on the footer of your main membership dashboard.