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Please note that we do not record the names you enter on the Love Calculator.

Enter two full names (First name and surname).  The names could be your name and someone you are attracted to!

Our system is based on scientific research so for an accurate score do not use shortened versions of names or nicknames.  For example use Robert rather than Bob/Bobby or Rob.

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For accuracy please do not use nicknames or shortened versions of names.

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Why Your Name Is Important to Love by Name

We use your name and that of a potential partner to check how compatible you are before you've even met!  We use a scientific system that is 10,000 year-old called Name Analysis.  The system  works by reducing a person's name to numbers, exposing their true personality attributes and assessing their suitability for a particular partner.

This knowledge was used by the elite families of Egypt and other Middle East Countries to name the Royal children.  Love by Name is using a modern form of the system and we feel confident that our system has a greater chance of bringing lasting love into the lives of singletons across London

Will it work for you?

The answer is yes, our system will work for everyone as each and every one of us has a name.

You probably didn't realise that the power of your name could hold the key to your happiness and introduce you to your soulmate.  

As you can imagine there are numerous name combinations but our system will search the database and select members who share similar personality attributes to you. 

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It's free to register an account.  We are a pay-per-connection site so the  only time you will ever have to pay anything is when you want to connect with someone who also wants to connect with you.

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You have a match! Just think of the time you will save as we notify you of your matches direct to your inbox.  Because it's free to view your matches' profiles you can see whether they are just what you are looking for.


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Currently exclusive to London

Wouldn't you like to meet someone near you?  We are currently a London dating site, home to over one million single people.  Are you ready to find your soulmate by letting us do all the hard work for you?  

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