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Are you looking for love at Christmas?

Written by CGD - Sat 3rd Oct 2020

The search for love is, for most people,  the biggest journey they will undertake in their entire lives.  But, with so many people on the planet, and with many of us living lives that are busier and more hectic than ever before, that search can quickly become frustrating and exasperating.

It is, therefore, no surprise that internet dating has grown in prominence over the last decade or so.  Nearly every singleton will have been on at least one website or app that promises to deliver them the relationship they have been craving, but even these channels can be time-consuming and routinely fruitless.

You may be  thinking, there must be another way!

We thought the very same thing , and so we came up with the concept of Love by Name.

We are on a mission to make dating simple and hassle-free, but ultimately rewarding and effective, and so we have streamlined the entire process.  No longer are you required to fill in extensive forms, dictate your likes and dislikes in painstaking detail or swipe to such an extent that your thumb begins to ache; rather, we match members simply based on their full name.

Our Name Analysis system - which we've dubbed The Love Calculator - contains within it intelligent algorithms that know what you like perhaps better than you do.  Our numerological matching method is far more substantial than it may initially sound,  able as it is to analyse 64 different personality types, and subsequently find  compatible matches. 

If you're still somewhat dubious - and given the seemingly endless supply of dating sites, we completely understand if you are - then rest assured; we are so confident in Love by Name's capacity to help you find the love of your life that we have no joining fee, no monthly subscription charge, and no hidden costs.  You will be charged absolutely nothing to register an account, so why not give it a go and see what The Love Calculator throws your way?

The only time you will ever have to pay anything is if you want to connect with someone who also wants to connect with you.  We are not in the business of encouraging people to spend money wantonly in the hope that a prospective partner will then declare an interest.

So, if you're  looking for love this Christmas, register with us and find out what exactly is in a name.