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Celebrity couple: David & Victoria Beckham

Disclaimer: David & Victoria Beckham are not affiliated to Love by Name dating site.

A description of the system can be found in 'The power of a name' page.

You will see from the tables below that the overtone from Victoria totals 43 and the overtone from David's last name of Beckham totals 25, both names reduce to 7.  David's middle name of  Joseph  (Undertone of 25 (2+5 = 7) matches Victoria's Overtone and the Undertone from Adams. For example Victoria's middle name of Caroline  (Overtone 41; 4+1 =5) with David's undertone (32; 3+2=5).  These similarities will provide a strong attraction to the point where they may even know what the other was thinking. The only name that doesn't match any of Victoria's names is David's middle name of  Robert.  This name does not reduce to a single number common with any of Victoria's names however, it is sufficiently different to provide enough variety to maintain an interesting relationship.

David and Victoria have been married for 20 years and because Victoria's full name now includes the surname Beckham,  their compatibility is increased as this name is identical to both of them.


Victoria, Caroline, Adams

Name  Overtone  Undertone
Victoria 43 (4+3 ) 7 56 (5+6 =11; 1+1) 2
Caroline  41 (4+1) 5
49 (4+9 =13; 1+3) 4
Adams 11 (1+1) 2 34 (3+4 ) 7


 David, Robert, Joseph, Beckham 

Name Overtone Undertone
22 (2+2) 4
32 (3+2) 5
Robert 33 (3+3) 6 39 (3+9 =12;1+2 ) 3
Joseph 28 (2+8 =10; 1+0) 1 25 (2+5) 7
Beckham 25 (2+5 ) 7 38 (3+8 = 11;1+1) 2


Each name has two name personalities; Overtones and Undertones.  We are the result of both personalities. Each letter in a person's name is allocated a number from 1-9. The forenames and surnames can be matched in any combination, first name(s) with first name(s), surname with surname, or surname with first name(s).  Undertones can be matched with Overtones.  

Overtones (O/T) or Primary numbers

To reduce each name to numbers we allocate a number from 1-9  to each letter.  The letter A is given the number 1, the letter B is given the number 2, C is 3, D is 4, and so on.  

Undertones (U/T)

The undertone of a name is the set of numbers required to bring each letter to the number 9.  The undertone of  A is 8 (Overtone of A = 1),  B is 7 (Overtone of B=2), C is 6 (Overtone of C=3), D is 5 (Overtone of D=4), and so on.