How do I find everlasting love?

That's a tricky one but here are some other commonly asked questions...

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There's a link to an in-depth explanation in the page footer for how our name-matching system works as well as what is meant by your full name.  We don't charge a joining fee or monthly subscription.  You will also be able to find out how much it costs to connect to another member through Love by Name.  You can read our Terms and Conditions and general dating safety advice.

We hope the following will answer most of any additional questions you may have. For registered members, remember we are available for support and advice - just log in and contact us!

Why am I unable to search other members’ profiles?

This is due to the way we match our members. Each member’s profile has to pass through our matching system which works on three separate levels to find compatible personality types.  Together with your personal preferences, you should find the love you deserve!

Is it really free to join?

You will not be asked to pay a joining fee or monthly membership fee as our site is pay-per-connection. This means that you only pay when you want to connect to another compatible member and they want to connect with you. You will be able to purchase credits through the PayPal link on the site. Pricing details are here.

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What do I do if I forget my login details?

If you forget your login details, please visit the member login page where you will find the link to "Reset Password".  You will receive an email which will give you a link to reset your password.

Why do you call it a Connection rather than an Introduction or a Date

We have a unique matching system so you are unable to contact other members randomly through the site.  When we connect you to other members, only members who have been selected as compatible for you will appear on your  account.  A 'date' or an 'introduction' implies an arrangement to meet.  As we have no control over when, where or even if another member shows up for a meeting, we believe that calling it a connection best describes our services to you.  

Is there a time limit on using my Credits?

No, credits last indefinitely.

What happens if I am unable to meet another member due to holidays or work commitments?

You have the option to pause your account.  You will need to login to your account.  In your main membership dashboard 'Other actions' click "Pause your public profile".  You will see a message that will tell you that your membership is paused and that you will no longer appear as a match for other members.  You can reactivate your account by clicking the button "Resume your public profile".  Unused credits will be banked and can be used in the future.

What happens if I want to connect with another member but they don't want to connect with me?

You will receive emails to your inbox notifying you of compatible matches and/or connections.  You have the option to make a connection with matches or accept/decline a connection request. If you want to connect to another member but they decline your connection request your one credit will be returned to your account.  

Why do I get up 72 hours to decide whether I want to connect with another member?

We are keen to get you out there connecting to other members but we recognise that you need a little time to make up your mind.  However, bear in mind that after 72 hours your potential connection could be another member's perfect match!  

What should I write about myself?

There are some optional profile questions that we encourage you to complete as this will help other members learn more about you and help them make the right decision in wanting to connect with you.

There is no hard and fast rule about what to write but we do have some pointers to help you off to a good start.

  •   Be truthful.  If you are economical  with the truth, it will come out in the end.
  • As an example you could write about your hobbies and interests.  You may like travelling and seeing the world.  It is always good to know what people are interested in.
  •  It's good to know what you are looking for.
  • Try to make your personal statement (Some text about me) engaging and avoid mentioning anything negative.

Be honest and open in what you write.  Remember not to give out any personal information such as your mobile phone number, email or home address.

How do I pause my membership?

We hope that you want to pause your membership because you have found someone special on the site. If you are going on holiday or have work commitments It may be useful to pause your membership.  You will need to login to your account, go to "Other actions" in your membership dashboard and click  "Pause your public profile", you will see a message telling you that your account has been paused and that you will no longer appear as a match for other members.  You can reactivate your account at any time, click "Resume your public profile".  Any unused credits will be banked and can be used in the future.

What is different about Love by Name?

Our matching system is very specific and selects members with harmonious personality types.  Members are selected with names that are similar enough to provide an attraction but with sufficient differences to produce the variety necessary to make the relationship long-lasting.

There are 64 personality types so each name has traits of its own which will either modify or increase those of other names, so when it comes to relationships, we are compatible with some people but not with others.


How do I get support about my membership?

Email us at

What sort of photo should I upload?

We recommend a colour photo that shows you at your best, a clear happy face always works best. A photo that is fairly recent (within the last 12 months).
 Avoid group photos as  they may show you having a good time but it is hard to work out who is who.

If you have any questions get in touch with the Love by Name team at

How will I be able to keep track of my credits?

You will need to login to your account.  In your main dashboard "Other actions", click on "Credits Statement".  There are two headings 'Credits bought', this will show how many credits you purchased through PayPal and 'Credits spent' will show how many credits have been spent (each connection will cost one credit).  If the other member declines your connection request then one credit will be returned to your account.

I have unsubscribed to marketing emails, how can I re-subscribe?

You will need to login to your account.  At the bottom of your main dashboard under Marketing & Events there are two tick boxes.  If you would like to receive emails regarding information and offers and also news of events tick both boxes.  If you only want to receive emails about events, tick that box.

How do you report abuse by another member?

When a member  has accepted a connection request from another member, then both members are free to message through the site.  Once you start messaging through the site there is a 'Report abuse by this member' button which will open up to allow you to email us with details of the abuse you have been experiencing.  We take abuse very seriously and we will investigate all allegations made.

Do I have to pay to view my matches profile?

No, you can view your matches profile for free.  If you want to connect to the member it will cost you one credit.  If the other member declines your connection request you will receive a refund of one credit .