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1. Dating sites are unable to carry out any form of criminal checks on members, so it is extremely important that you are aware of how to keep yourself safe and protect your finances (Bank accounts and savings) while meeting people online.

2.  As with most situations in life there are sincere and honest people who have genuine reasons for joining dating sites.  However, there are exceptions to this and you need to protect yourself and your money from potential fraud.

3.  Use Your Best Judgment 

3.1 It is very easy to get carried away in the moment and feel that you "know" someone. It takes time to know the real person and you are advised to take things slowly and only share personal information  when you feel comfortable doing so.  Use your instinct and intuition about a person and If what they are telling you seems too good to be true, it probably is!

3.2 Never disclose contact information such as your email address, home address, phone number or place of work in your profile or when you start messaging other members.  At Love by Name, we have a secure messaging system that enables members who have accepted 'Connections', will be able to message through the site.  Take your time to get to know the real person, think with your head and not your heart. Once you've given out your personal information you cannot take it back.  Think before you act.

3.3 Always be wary of members who immediately request to move communication off the Love by Name secure platform.

3.4 Never be tempted to send or transfer money to people you meet online, regardless of how unfortunate their story appears. You need to ask yourself why would someone needs to borrow or ask for money from someone they have never met or only just met?

4 Report Unacceptable or Suspicious Behaviour

4.1 At Love by Name we take members well-being very seriously. We have a system in place that enables members to report abuse and we investigate and take the necessary steps to deal with the offending member(s), this could result in blacklisting them from the site to protect other members.

5. Safety Tips When Going On A Date

  • Choose a public place to meet where you feel comfortable and secure.  Cafes for example are great places for first dates.  A cup of coffee can be a short encounter or a longer meeting depending on how well you hit it off!
  • For your own safety, never agree to be picked up at your home, and never agree to meet them at their home.  It is wise to plan your route home after the meeting and don't be tempted  to accept a lift home.  
  • Tell at least one friend or family member who you are meeting, where you are going and what time you expect to return.  Let your date know that the meeting is not a secret and that others are aware of where you are going.
  • Stay sober throughout the date as having alcohol could impair your ability to make good decisions.  
  • Always keep your personal belongings within sight at all times, and make sure your mobile phone is fully charged.

6.  Useful Contacts

You may request information under Clare's Law; make a Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS) application.  Clare's Law gives members of the public the right to ask if their partner has a history of violent or abusive behaviour.  Checks will be made by the police and information will be revealed where there is reason for concern.  

The information means that people can make informed choices about their relationship.  This scheme also gives people the right to make enquiries into the partner of a close friend or family member.

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