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Compatibility and the Undertones of Names Compatibility

Written by CGD - Mon 8th Nov 2021

A name that totals 4 is an extrovert, such as David (2+2=4) and is the exact opposite of any name that totals 9, such as Louise (2+7=9) whose name is introvert.  Please note that other names will need to be taken into consideration.  Now this explains why some people will simply never become friends, but there is another consideration and this is why people are attracted to each other.  Why is it that out of thousands of potential relationships people choose a certain person?

This attraction is the very basis of all relationships and is therefore, a major part of most people's lives and it also plays a key role in understanding friendships. 

There are different definitions of love but it could be described as being a mutual attraction between two people, which if the people are right for each other, will mature so that the two people become best friends as well as lovers.  It is the best friend/lover relationship which forms the basis for a love which will last, be positive and enable deep intimate communications to occur and if this is the basis for real love it must also be the basis for compatibility.

For any relationship to develop into true long lasting love it therefore requires:

Equal Love

Equal Respect

Equal Trust

Equal Roles with the Relationship

Constant Equal Communication at a Deep Intimate Level

All of this may seem impossible and yet such relationships do occur, but sadly they often seem few, and because most people do not understand what they really need in a relationship, they fail to establish the basics, they do not understand themselves or their partner and eventually the relationship simply disintegrates.

There are 64 basis definitions for personality and characteristics and each name that we have will fall into one of the 64 name definitions.  Each name has two personalities and we are the result of both of these  (Prime numbers and Undertones).  In turn you are the combination of the personalities from all of your names .  Each letter in a name is allocated a number from 1-9.  The letter A is given the number 1. the letter B is 2, the letter C is 3 etc.  As each name is reduced to separate numbers, this allows names to be matched in any combination .  Forenames can be matched with last names and Prime numbers can be match with Undertones. 

At love by Name we will match you with compatible members so that you know you will be share similar personality traits.  Just as there is no such thing as the perfect person, there can be no such thing as the perfect relationship.  Every relationship will experience highs, lows, ups and downs, however, if you are prepared to work at your relationship then there is no reason why you can't have a happy and fulfilled bond.