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Manifestation - The art of using the laws of attraction

Written by CGD - Mon 8th Jul 2024

Turn your dreams and goals into a reality!  Manifestation is the art of using the laws of attraction to bring things you want into existence, this can be a fun way to achieve a goal or improve yourself.  Many popular techniques involve writing , and this blog will show you everything you need to know about manifesting on paper.

The right environment is important when it comes to manifestation.  If you have a diary or journal you can use that.  Alternatively, you can use loose pieces of paper.  Go to a space where you will not be disturbed and feeling calm and relaxed.  Most people find it best to go to an empty part of the property to keep a clear mind.  

Some people like to keep a manifestation journal.  If you plan on doing this more than once, consider starting with a fresh notebook to keep all your manifestations in one place.  If you want to feel 'the vibe', light some incense or candles.  Dim the lights if you like.  If you're doing this at home make sure the room is tidy and uncluttered.

Meditate for a moment and think about specifically what you actually want.  Your intention refers to what you actually want.  Thinking through this intention and pondering it for a few minutes  helps you clarify precisely what you're looking for.  The more specific the better.  The idea here is that the less ambiguity there is between you and your object of desire, the easier it will be to attract that thing to you.

You can manifest objects, people, relationships, career goals and everything in between.  However, the bigger the intention, the harder it will be to manifest.  If you're new to this , try manifesting something small, like a good grade if you're studying or a day off work.

Picturing your intention with your mind's eye will give it shape and meaning.  Once you've put your manifestation into words by setting the intention , create an image of it in your head.  Spend a few minutes picturing yourself getting that bonus or promotion or meeting that beautiful/good looking person  who you'll fall in love with.  Picture it over and over again to cement the imagine in your mind.

Imagine  your goal or item in three dimensions.  Picture it as a still image, as well as a moving image.  Picture yourself interacting with it.  What does it feel like?  All of this is crucial information.  If you can't picture anything, it might mean that your intention  isn't specific enough.  Spend a few more minutes really thinking through what you want.  

Vocalise your desire out loud to put it into the Universe.  Once you've got a firm understanding of what you want and a clear image of what it looks like, speak it into existence.  Manifestation relies on attraction and belief, and expressing that attraction out loud puts your desire into the cosmos.  You might say "I am going to tell my crush how I feel and sweep them off their feet".

In one sentence describe precisely what you want to happen.  Think of this like the headline for a news article.  Pour your intention into a single sentence, question, or declaration and write it down in your journal or on your paper.  This will guide the remainder of the manifestation and help you keep your overarching goal in the front of your mind, 

Some Love Affirmations:

I attract healthy and loving relationships into my life

I am open to giving and receiving love

Love is always surrounding me

Always use short sharp sentences and write  positively in the present tense

If you're manifesting a concrete goal, take actionable steps to achieve it.  If you're manifesting the person of your dreams , start updating your online dating profile and let your friends know you're available for blind dates.  Do whatever you can to take charge and bring your goal into reality.

The laws of attraction can only do so much - you have to meet the universe halfway by taking the steps you can to achieve the things you want!