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Personality Definition for the Name Anthony (Number 34)

Written by CGD - Mon 1st Mar 2021

Personality Profile

You have excellent executive ability and you can achieve anything you focus your mind on.  You are able to find solutions to problems rather than allowing them to be a barrier to your success.  You have strength of character, determination and willpower and other people will naturally turn to you for guidance and advice.

In career matters you are excellent at all forms of communication and this, together with your military mind offers you a wide choice of career.  You will be happiest in a position of responsibility and management, and you could be successful running your own business.


You are extremely helpful when your friends have problems but you should be careful that this does not occupy too much of your time. You should always trust your intuition  and you should act on your first thoughts about a person or situation.

You are generally bright and cheerful and you respond positively to problems and difficulties.  If the negative side of this name is brought out, you could be too dictatorial and dominant and in extreme cases this can spoil relationships and even your career.  You need to be more flexible in your approach as you can become too fixated in your ways and thinking.

Looking after Yourself

Where your health is concerned the digestion can be rather sensitive and extra care should be taken with your diet.  Avoid food and drink which causes indigestion or excess acid.


You need a strong and understanding partner.  A relationship should be equal love, equal trust and equal respect.  If you become too dictatorial and dominant this could spoil your relationship.

Note:  Each of your individual names will either increase or decrease the personality traits identified by the combination of those names.