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Personality Definition for the Name David (Number 22)

Written by CGD - Tue 6th Apr 2021

Personality Profile

This is a name for wanderlust and travel and you love to travel in any form.  If you are not able to travel physically, then you will travel mentally by dreaming of escaping to faraway places.  When you are positive, you can be creative and you should use this talent in your career or hobbies.  

You love to socialise, mixing with friends, but you can place too much emphasis on your social life, and you should remember that for real happiness your career should be as equally important as your social life.  where your friends are concerned you dislike to say "no" and at times you can be led astray.

You are usually fortunate in financial affairs and are very generous with money.  Your tendency to spend freely and your generosity can lead to extravagance and impulse buying, and in extreme circumstances, financial problems.

Your early experiences strongly shape your life and you have difficulty in breaking away from established patterns of behaviour.  You are gentle and have a drive to help others.  You are a good listener and people do tend to bring you their problems.  You have a calm, dignified demeanour but you can be flippant at times.

Your positive combination can sometimes give way to a tendency to a weakness of character, triggered by excessive spending.  If the negative side of this name is experienced then you could have a temper.

If your love of social life dominates then this can weaken the character and you may tend to waste your time, money and energies, and you will achieve little in life.

Looking after Yourself

You should ensure that you take time out during the day to take short breaks or practise meditation, as your brain and nervous system are easily adversely affected by strong emotions or excitement. You have a tendency to take insufficient care when you are out and about and are prone to trips, slips and falls.


Your positive traits give you the potential to be an understanding and generous partner.  You should guard against uncontrolled spending, as this can jeopardise the relationship which could lead to separation and divorce.

Please note: Each of your individual names will either increase or decrease the personality traits identified by the combination of those names