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Personality Definition for the Name James (Number 12)

Written by CGD - Sun 15th Nov 2020

Each of your individual names will either increase or decrease the personality traits identified by the combination of those names.
Personality Profile

You have good intuition and can show psychic ability - you should always listen to your inner voice.  You are courteous and appreciate good manners in others.  You can be very talkative and expressive and you have a tendency to daydream and be romantic.

You are fond of animals, children, music and being loved and this makes you a very caring and giving person.  However, if you give too much to others it can be tiring and draining.  Some people with this name can show talent for music and acting and there is potential to be a good singer.


Your enjoyment of life can lead to impulsivity and lack of self-control.  You are advised to think before you act.  You should try to achieve a more balanced lifestyle, as this will bring more success into your life.

There are times when you may feel restricted and hemmed in by all areas of your life and you may dream of faraway places or other people as a means of escapism.  You should not be over ambitious in both your life and career and you are advised to set realistic goals.  

Looking after yourself

Where the health is concerned extra care of the throat is advised.  Giving too much to others can be tiring and draining.   You are advised to listen to music for relaxation and recharge your batteries.  Self discipline is very important for this name to flourish.  There is a tendency to live life to the full and you can indulge in excess.


You have strong passions and tend to fall in love easily.  Try to be more patient and circumspect when starting new relationships.  You will need a very loving and demonstrative partner who appreciates you.  Try not to be too impulsive and get to know the other person well.  Try to think with your head and not your heart as there is no logic in emotions.