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Personality Definition for the Name John (Number 20)

Written by CGD - Tue 8th Jun 2021

Personality Profile

The person with this name has a quick mind and an artistic talent.  You have an eye for detail and you can easily understand plans, drawings and maps.

You are thoughtful and a deep thinker, often keeping your feelings to yourself.

You have an enquiring mind and are interested in spiritual matters.

You are a natural peacemaker and love the home.  However, by giving in to others is never real peace as this only exists between equals.

You need peace and harmony where you live and work and noisy argumentative conditions can be tiring and draining for you.  You have a love of music and you are advised to use this for relaxation.

When negative, you tend to be highly self-critical and you will blame yourself, often wishing you had done things differently or better.  Stress and strain, problems from the past or worrying about the present with negative thoughts about the future can become overwhelming.

This name can give weakness of character which can lead to bad choices, drug or alcohol abuse, wasting time or simply being cruel.


You have a quiet , reflective disposition.  You should avoid noisy combative environments and instead seek harmony and balance.

In career matters the tendency to be rather negative can hold you back, and you are advised to practice positive thinking to eliminate those self-doubts.

Looking after Yourself

You tend to experience headaches and fever.  Avoid situations which cause stress and where concentration is difficult.


You tend to fall in love easily and blame yourself when relationships break down.  Look to the longer term and seek someone who is dependable and a home-maker, rather than a partner who initially appears to be exciting.

If the negative side of the name is brought out, then there can be unhappiness and stress and strain from the relationship

Note: Each of your individual names will either increase or decrease the personality traits identified by the combination of those names.