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Personality Definition for the Name Louise (Number 27)

Written by CGD - Thu 13th May 2021

Personality Profile

You love to look after and take care of others, and you can be successful in any career where you are teaching others.  You have creative flair and appreciate both art and science.

You will be particularly successful as a teacher or in a business where you are dealing with people face-to-face.

You enjoy study and learning and love to offer guidance,  advice and practical help if required.

You have excellent intuition and you should always trust the first thought you have concerning people and situations.

You have an orderly mind and you are capable of organising yourself and others around you, either within the home or in your career.

You will excel in all forms of communication, both written and spoken.


You should guard against intolerance and being too quick to judge others, as they are potentially negative traits.

Ensure you look after your body as well as your mind.

You have a love of music and you should use this for relaxation.

You enjoy reading and because you notice small details you could choose public speaking, author, science and the arts.

You enjoy travel.  You are good with your hands.  Guard against jealousy and envy where other people's money and possessions are concerned.  You can be rather intolerant where laziness and bad habits are concerned.

Looking after Yourself

You have a tendency to digestive problems and your groin area is susceptible to strains.  Take care with what you eat and drink.  This can lead to an interest in diet and health foods.


Friends have a strong influence on you.  As you are caring and sharing by nature don't allow yourself to be swayed by their opinion when choosing a partner or seeking advice on your relationship.
Guard against jealousy and envy.

Please note: Each of your individual names will either increase or decrease the personality traits identified by the combination of those names.