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Personality Definition for the Name Mary (Number 21)

Written by CGD - Mon 5th Jul 2021

Personality Profile

The person with this name loves nature.  You have an interest in plants and their medicinal properties and the outdoors.  You enjoy garden plants and the perfumes they emit.

You enjoy cooking and take an interest in the beneficial effects of healthy eating.

You are an extremely caring person, and this involves caring for animals, children and all people.

You can be impulsive and you will give your time, energy and love to helping others.

You have an extremely alert mind and you are bright and intelligent.  Your name indicates brilliancy and this can be interpreted as either academical brilliancy or brilliancy of your personality being lively and bright.

You will retain your youthful looks well into old age, and you will also retain a childlike sense of humour, playing tricks on family and friends.

You learn easily and you are suited to a career which keeps you busy and is demanding, especially if it involves mental activity.

You love music, often with the ability to sing or act.

You enjoy learning whether this is for academic reasons or for hobbies and interests, and you are capable of learning by just observing and listening to others.


You can lose yourself in music and you should use this to help you relax and unwind.

You can pay attention to detail but restraint is advised as there is a tendency to rush into situations without thought or planning.

This name is not all sweetness and light, and if other people go too far you may snap and tell them so in no uncertain terms.  You are advised to think before you act.

Looking after Yourself

You have a tendency to throat infections and should take more care of this area.


Because of your caring nature you must be careful not to "mother" your partner as this can spoil the relationship.

You are a very giving person so you need to have a demonstrative partner in order to receive as much love as you give to others.  If you don't receive love in one form or another you will tend to become drained, low and irritable.

Please note: Each of your individual names will either increase or decrease the personality traits identified by the combination of those names.