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Personality Definition for the Name Richard (Number 43)

Written by CGD - Fri 10th Dec 2021

Personality Profile

The person with this name has a very soft side to their nature and they know that ranting and raving will not achieve what they want in life - they know that they can win by being gentle with the people they deal with.  Generally speaking they are extremely giving and caring.

You love travel in any form and your friends are very important to you - sometimes too important.

You can easily become bored and this can give you "itchy feet" - always wanting to be somewhere else or dreaming of faraway places.

This is a name which indicates a well organised person who can often be military minded, but they should always avoid being too close to guns, fireworks and explosives in times of conflict.

This is a person who needs love in their life.  They like the attention and can be caring in return.

Where the career is concerned you can be successful in anything where you are able to organise other people.  You are capable of handling multiple projects.  You know how to overcome obstacles with words, not force.  Positive balance from your other names brings out excellence in this number, negative balance will taint your performance.


When life is not going well for you, you must move on or discontent will follow.  You have to work harder than most to reach your goals.  You can be at risk of losing position.

Looking after Yourself

Your stomach is a weakness and is easily upset.  You should take care  what you eat and drink.


You need love in your life and you require a partner who is demonstrative and not afraid to show their feelings.  You like attention and can be caring in return.

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