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Personality Definition for the name Jack (Number Seven)

Written by CGD - Mon 27th Sep 2021

Personality Profile

The person with this name has excellent executive ability - controlling, planning and organising others will come naturally to you.  You should always have a managerial or supervisory position in order to take full advantage of your talent.  You have a versatile mind and are able to grasp difficult concepts.

You are capable of running your own business and you are best suited to any business which involves large numbers of other people.

In addition to your executive ability you also possess excellent communication skills and you will make an ideal teacher/instructor although this does not have to be your main profession.

You are extremely determined and patient by nature and you will always complete tasks through to completion.  Your ability will often get you noticed and you are generally successful in whatever you choose to do.

You appear to others that you are carefree.  You are able to hide the fact that you may have been strongly affected by something, concealing your feelings.

While you are strong-willed, you can be also impressionable and allow yourself to be influenced by others.

You may face deceit and a tendency for other people to restrict your advancement especially in business.


Your strength of mind can also make you obstinate and inflexible.  Take care that this doesn't involve making fun at someone else's expense.

You love music and you should always use music for relaxation.  You also have a love of nature and any outdoor pastimes would recharge your batteries.

Looking after Yourself

Expect a long life with this name however, this is dependent upon your lifestyle.  Your spleen is vulnerable and you can be prone to feeling faint.  Try to listen to what your body is telling you rather than pushing it to the back of your mind.

Your enjoyment of life can lead to over-indulgence of smoking, drinking or even drugs.  Try to be aware when you are exceeding moderation.


You are dependable and a trustworthy partner.  Because you often put others before yourself, you should be wary of someone taking advantage of this.  You can be set in your ways and inflexible.  Try to express your feelings more often and learn to accept support as well as to provide it.

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