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Ten reason why the Love Calculator can stop you being alone

Written by CGD - Mon 7th Sep 2020

1.  Our numerological system reduces your name and that of a potential partner to numbers; one to nine for letters A to Z.  There are 64 personality types and numbers are selected for each letter in your name, then added together to determine which of the personality types you have for each name.

2.  We recognize that opposites don't attract as you have very little in common to build a meaningful relationship.  When you meet someone through Love by Name you will share similar personality traits giving you the best chance to form a relationship.

3.  We enable you to build a relationship based on true fact (Your name) rather than completing a questionnaire based on opinions.

4.  We believe we have found the key to happiness and the recipe to calculate love - your name and that of a potential partner.

5.  When you meet a truly compatible person you should feel comfortable in their presence enabling the relationship to grow effortlessly.

6.  It can be time-consuming searching through endless profiles when all you want to do is meet that special someone.  Our system will notify you of potential matches but you're still in the driving seat when it comes to accepting or declining a connection request.

7.  We get to the heart of the matter when it comes to understanding relationships.  so, if you're time-poor you won't need to waste time messaging members who are not compatible with you.

8.  The theory behind our matching system is based on an ancient system of thought.  Each name can be matched in any combination.  This gives you the maximum amount of chances to find your ideal partner.

9.  A first name can be matched with a surname, middle name(s) can be matched with a first name or a surname.

10.  The matching system enables you to experience more love the first time!