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Your Roadmap to Love and Romance in 2021

Written by CGD - Mon 1st Mar 2021

The search for love is, for most people, the biggest journey they will undertake in their lives but it sometimes eludes us, but in effect what makes a successful relationship and how can you maximise your chances to finding "The One"?  As Prince Harry said when he met Meghan Markle that the stars were aligned when he met her.  As romantic as that sounds most of us have accepted that we have come to rely on the internet for dating.

Meeting someone compatible, someone who compliments us and who is keen to develop a relationship is the foundation to the building blocks of something that we hope will grow and develop over time.  There are 64 different personality types and at Love by Name we give you a helping hand and match you with truly compatible personality types. 

1.  Invest in yourself - ensure you have a good dating profile and recent photo 

This may sound very obvious but make sure that you upload a good recent photo.  Apart from your profile a good photo may be the make or break for someone wanting to get to know you.

We will match you with compatible members based on your full name.  The profile questions have been selected to find out more information about you that  enables our bespoke matching system to do the hard work for you.  You will receive notification of compatible matches either via your inbox or through your profile account.  It's free to view your selected matches and connections and you pay only when you and the selected members decide to connect. 

2.  Be specific about what you're looking for

Write a list of general questions you would like to know about the other person.  As you start to message each other you will be able to ask more specific questions. Think this through in advance.  Details matter - they help spark conversation and allow potential matches to get a better sense of who you are.

For example, if you asked someone what they enjoy doing on the weekends and they replied that they watched TV,  you would probably feel disinterested.  However, if the responded with "I make brunch and then binge-watch The Office", that's something that leads to a response.  Give matches something to work with that opens up a dialogue.

3.  Focus on quality control 

To those who may claim that dating is "just a numbers game," although we reduce names to numbers, you should feel confident that you will share personality traits with selected members;  we hope that it won't be too long before you find someone you click with.  Try to look at your profile from the reader's point of view, in that way you will capture the information  you want to get across to others that don't know you.  Don't forget that you can tweak your profile as much as you like.

In the work place you're much better perfecting your CV to a few jobs that you've  good  specific skills for.  This mindset should be applied to your dating life whether it's curating a well-rounded profile or writing a playful message that might compel a match to want to engage.  It may take more time, but the extra effort will increase your odds in the long run.

4.  Some good news on the horizon

There is some good news on the horizon with lockdown restrictions potentially ending in June.  Pubs and clubs should be opening their doors once again and crowded bars should enable people to mingle once more.  Group gatherings like birthday parties will be back on but until then dating sites are open for business as usual.

Happy safe dating in 2021.