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For accuracy please do not use nicknames or shortened versions of names.

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The Love Calculator reduces each individual name to numbers. 

To get an accurate result you will need to input two full names to see whether the names you have entered are compatible. 

A full name would be a First name, Middle name(s), and Last name.  

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This is how your name can bring you love

We are the combination of all of our individual names (First name, middle name(s), and last name).  There are 64 personality types so  each individual name has traits of its own that will either modify, balance or clash with other people's name.  This is why we are compatible with some people but not with others.  As you can imagine there are numerous name combinations but our system will search the database and select members who are compatible with you through their name.

Because we notify you of your matches direct to your inbox, this will free you up to concentrate on the important aspects of really getting to know each other and build on your relationship.


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How names are reduced to numbers

There are 26 letters of the alphabet from A-Z.  Each letter is allocated a number ranging from 1-9.  The letter A is given the number 1, the letter B is given the number 2, C is 3, D is 4 and so on.  There are no double digits, so for example, the letter K would be 11 (1+1=2), which is then reduced to the number 2. 


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How compatibility works

Each name has two personalities namely: Prime numbers and Undertones.  As each name is reduced to separate numbers, this allows names to be matched  in any combination (The forenames with the last name, the last name with the forenames).  The Prime numbers can be matched with the Undertones.

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