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Have you ever wondered what your name says about you?  Have you ever thought how other people perceive you? We are the combination of all of our individual names (First name, middle name(s) and last name).  There are 64 name definitions which will reveal your personality, characteristics, virtues, vices and your health.  

Each name has two personalities calculated from Prime Numbers and Undertones..  In turn, you are the combination of the personalities from all of your names.  Each letter in a name is allocated a number then added together to calculate which of the 64 personality types you have for each one of your names.

If you would like to have your  name personalities for each of your names then contact us with your full name.

A full name is as follows:

Your First Name

Your Middle Names (If you have any)

Surname/Last Name

Services and Fees
Personality Definitions 

All that is required is your full name (First name, Middle name(s) and last name) 

Fee is £20.

Personality  Definitions for another person

If you want  personality definitions for another person such as someone you are romantically involved with.

Fee is £10 (Total of £30 for the two full name definitions).  

The analysis can comment and advise on your compatibility.

Please note that the information we require is:

First Name

Middle Name(s) (If applicable)

Last Name or Surname